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Industrial Fasteners

Fastener materials? Depending on the raw materials market, our range of fastener materials will fall within any of your desired structures of industrial fasteners. All carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, etc are readily available.

Patented fastener? With your written approval, we will take your blueprints and have your fastener made with the best quality of material and workmanship. Honesty is very important; therefore, we have International Confidentiality Agreements signed with the mills.

Fastener design? Explain to us your thoughts and we will have a drawing made with all the specifications required to make your fastener a success.

Our specialty? Fortunately, for all of our customers, we do not specialize in one area of industrial fasteners. Most fasteners, if not all, are available. The factories or mills specialize in particular types or areas of fasteners. With their combined abilities we are able to make any of your specific fasteners.

Where do we manufacture? Your needs determine in which factory we place your order. Taiwan, China, India, Thailand and Korea are where our fasteners are made. All factories are at least ISO 9000 accredited and have quality control programs that surpass standards.

Why Clear Trading? Complete service and production done correctly and in a timely manner! Top quality and price make us one of the most competitive companies in the USA. Try us, you will see!

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